Cat First. Karimoku’s craftsmanship from a cat’s perspective; Wooden furniture that is cat-friendly and comfortable.

This is a new brand that was born through a collaboration between Karimoku Furnituire Inc., a Japanese wooden furniture manufacturer, and RINN, a company that designs products that support cat health. By combining the technology of advanced manufacturing facilities with craftsmanship, we will deliver products that will be loved by cats for a long time.

KARIMOKU CAT is one of many brands delivered by Karimoku, a company that has been creating high quality furniture through having a dialogue with wood. Karimoku’s history begins in 1940, when a small carpentry shop was founded in Kariya, Aichi Prefecture after Shohei Kato succeeded a lumber dealer that had been in operation from the Edo Period. Karimoku has accumulated various skills through creating wooden parts and the like, and in the 1960’s started an original line of wooden furniture. From then on, over several decades, the company has created branches in wood production areas and made progress in developing various skills and technologies. Karimoku’s unique system of doing everything from procuring materials to production and sales cannot be found anywhere else in the world. In addition, we have our concept of “high tech and high touch” that combines large scale and advanced production facilities with craftsmanship and a system that encompasses all of Japan for sales and after-sales care. Karimoku has put quality first in its endeavors, and throughout 70 years it has grown to be one of Japan’s top wooden furniture manufacturers.

RINN Inc. has a concept of “Cat First” derived from a unique philosophy that values a cat’s perspective, and plans and designs products that support cat health. The name has been inspired from the sound of bells attached to the collar of a beloved cat of Ryohara, the founder of RINN. The company wishes to achieve a wealthy society in which cats across the globe can live long and healthy lives by combining beautiful designs and advanced technology visualized through cats’ perspectives.