KARIMOKU CAT RESTROOMExcretion for your cats

50,820 JPY(tax included)

Because it is enclosed, the cat can defecate in peace. Cat toilet storage furniture that blends into the space.

KARIMOKU CAT RESTROOM is a cat litter box storage furniture based on the concept of “a rest room for cats”, which was born from the desire to make the toilet environment, an important resting place for cats, a safer and more secure place. It has a space where cats can defecate without being seen, and a space where things can be placed on top, making it ideal for effective use of space. The cat litter does not splatter easily, and the door is designed to open and close, making it easy to clean and maintain. The door also opens to provide a storage space for cat litter and deodorant sheets. The painted finish, which allows the wood grain to show through, enhances the beautiful look of the oak and oak veneer wood and enhances the interior design.

Sale Price50,820 JPY(tax included)
Inside SizeSpace for cat litter box: W463mm×D567mm×H485mm
Storage space for equipments: W110mm×D567mm×H485mm
MaterialOak・Oak veneer
ColorSheer White / Pure Oak / Mocha Brown
Recommended ForUp to 1 cat
Installation PlaceOnly for indoors (no water leak)
Withstand Load *[restroom top] up to 30 kg
Warranty1 year warranty

※The cat litter box is not included.※This product is for cats only. Do not allow people to sit on the top panel.※This product does not need to be assembled. This product does not need to be assembled and will be delivered complete.※Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice

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