KARIMOKU CAT TABLEMeals for your cats

22,220 JPY(tax included)

Designed with veterinarian supervision, KARIMOKU CAT TABLE helps your cat eat and drink from a more comfortable position. The Table’s 15-degree incline reduces mealtime strain on your cat’s neck and body.

The food bowl is designed to prevent spillage and stay out of the way of your cat’s whiskers. The bowl’s shape helps food gathers in a convenient position for feline access.

The water bowl, which holds a satisfying volume of 280 mL, has sufficient depth to keep water from splashing out.

The table for the cat’s food&Water bowl is made from molded plywood with an oak veneer surface. The design has no sharp edges, so you won’t have to worry about your active cat getting injured. With excellent stability, it won’t be easily pushed over by your cat and is very durable. With urethane coating like the tables we use, it is waterproof and stain-proof.

Reminiscent of cats’ eyes, the beautiful porcelain bowls are designed by secca, a creative group based in Kanazawa, a hub for food and craft items. Fired from high-grade porcelain clay, the bowls’ crescent-shaped edges allow for easy removal and washing. The bowls are also microwave and dishwasher safe.

KARIMOKU CAT TABLE will make your cat’s daily meals even more of a comfort and delight.


Sale Price22,220 JPY(tax included)
Total Weight1.55kg
Table sizeW449×D194×H136(Table only)/ H141mm(Size of Bowls-mounted.)
bowl sizeFood bowl:W153×D118×H58mm
Water bowl:W153×D118×H88mm(Capacity 280ml)
Packagetable ×1 /Food bowl ×1 /Water bowl ×1
ColorWhite & Sheer White / Light Grey & Pure Oak / Blue & Mocha Brown
Recommended For1 cat
Installation PlaceOnly for indoors
Separate Parts saleYes
Warranty1 year warranty
International shippingYes

※No assembly is necessary. We will deliver the finished product.
※Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice