¥39,800 (+tax)

Creating health and beauty for cats

Vertical space is more important than the horizontal space (floor space) when living with cats. KARIMOKU CAT TREE designed by Yoh Komiyama with the concepts of “health and beauty through vertical movement” allows cats to safely demonstrate their sense of balance when jumping by creating steps in oval shapes without corners. The 124cm high product with a triangle pedestal is useable by both kittens and elderly cats, and the form is compact enough to fit in anywhere in your room fittingly. Cotton ropes are used in the scratching post. The linear and soft design will blend in any Western or Eastern style rooms providing a comfortable favorite product to cats.

Warmth of trees and delicate craftsmanship

The step surface covered with fabric has a water repellent finishing that allows easy maintenance even if your cat regurgitates. The surface of the wooden step uses a traditional Uzukuri process to add texture to the wood to make it less slippery for cats. The CAT TREE is full of the craftsmanship that Karimoku has cultivated throughout its history in its details.

Sale Price¥39,800(+tax)
Withstand Load *[Overall] up to 15 kg
[Each step] up to 10 kg
ColorWhite & Sheer White / Light Grey & Pure Oak / Blue & Mocha Brown
Recommended ForUp to 2 cats
Installation PlaceOnly for indoors (no water leak)
Separate PartsYes
Warranty1 year warranty
ShippingFree (1,000 yen for Hokkaido / 2,000 yen for Okinawa)
※Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice※Delivery of product will be shipped sequentially from the late of April 2019 ※Comes with Japanese instructions manual. It can be easily assembled with a hex wrench.
*Withstand load is the weight that can be supported if the weight is applied to the entire cat tree evenly. For example, please be aware that it is not the weight that one step can support. In addition, when a cat jumps, the energy applied may be more than doubled. In that case, the withstand load will change, so please be aware.