WALNUT COLLECTION Premium Collection

26,730JPY(tax included)〜

Walnut Collection demands precisely engineered wood from the walnut tree for use in high-end furniture. It is Karimoku Cat’s premium collection.


KARIMOKU CAT TREE Beige & Walnut natural

Vertical space is more important than the horizontal space (floor space) when living with cats. KARIMOKU CAT TREE designed by Yoh Komiyama with the concepts of “health and beauty through vertical movement” allows cats to safely demonstrate their sense of balance when jumping by creating steps in oval shapes without corners. The 124cm high product with a triangle pedestal is useable by both kittens and elderly cats, and the form is compact enough to fit in anywhere in your room fittingly. Cotton ropes are used in the scratching post. The linear and soft design will blend in any Western or Eastern style rooms providing a comfortable favorite product to cats.

The step surface covered with fabric has a water repellent finishing that allows easy maintenance even if your cat regurgitates. The surface of the wooden step uses a traditional Uzukuri process to add texture to the wood to make it less slippery for cats. The CAT TREE is full of the craftsmanship that Karimoku has cultivated throughout its history in its details.

The special cotton rope for the cat scratching post is now available at our online store. We want our cat tree to be a piece of furniture that complements your daily life while being a durable companion for your cats.

Product NameKARIMOKU CAT TREE Beige & Walnut Natural
Sale Price 54,780 JPY(tax included)
Withstand Load *[Overall] up to 15 kg
[Each step] up to 10 kg
ColorBeige&Walnut Natural
Recommended ForUp to 2 cats
Installation PlaceOnly for indoors (no water leak)
Separate PartsYes
Warranty1 year warranty
ShippingFree (1,000 yen for Hokkaido / 2,000 yen for Okinawa)
※Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice※It can be easily assembled with a hex wrench.*Withstand load is the weight that can be supported if the weight is applied to the entire cat tree evenly. For example, please be aware that it is not the weight that one step can support. In addition, when a cat jumps, the energy applied may be more than doubled. In that case, the withstand load will change, so please be aware.

KARIMOKU CAT BED Yellow beige & Walnut Natural

Based on the concept of a “stress-free sleep,” KARIMOKU CAT BED draws on Karimoku’s expertise in manufacturing beds to create a bed that combines elegant functionality from the perspective of cats with the comfortable sleep it promises. The bed’s well-crafted oaken structure is soft and supports a cushion that is soft to the touch. Cats will feel no discomfort on the bed and can enjoy high-quality stress-free sleep. By installing it next to a bay window in a sunlit spot, you can make even more out of the cat bed.

The cushion gently supporting the cat is filled with cotton foam that is highly porous and keeps its shape well. The cover is made from Kvadrat Patio that is soft to the touch and can be easily washed. The bed’s wooden frame is carefully carved from natural wood and finished with a rounded, soft form. By making its curve between a rectangle and an oval, the bed offers sufficient space for the cat to sleep, and ensures a peace of mind even when the cat is in contact with the frame. The elegant form of the bed that brings out the wonder of trees is the perfect addition to any interior space.

Product NameKARIMOKU CAT BED Yellow beige & Walnut Natural
Sale Price44,000 JPY(tax included)
ColorYellow beige & Walnut Natural
RecommendedUp to 2 cats
Withstand LoadUp to 25 kg
Installation PlaceOnly for indoors (no water leak)
Separate PartsYes
Warranty1 year warranty
ShippingFree (1,000 yen for Hokkaido / 2,000 yen for Okinawa)
※No assembly is necessary. We will deliver the finished product.
※Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice


KARIMOKU CAT RESTROOM is a cat litter box storage furniture based on the concept of “a rest room for cats”, which was born from the desire to make the toilet environment, an important resting place for cats, a safer and more secure place. It has a space where cats can defecate without being seen, and a space where things can be placed on top, making it ideal for effective use of space. The cat litter does not splatter easily, and the door is designed to open and close, making it easy to clean and maintain. The door also opens to provide a storage space for cat litter and deodorant sheets. The painted finish, which allows the wood grain to show through, enhances the beautiful look of the Walnut and Walnut veneer wood and enhances the interior design.

Product NameKARIMOKU CAT RESTROOM Walnut Natural
Sale Price60,500 JPY(tax included)
Inside SizeSpace for cat litter box: W463mm×D567mm×H485mm
Storage space for equipments: W110mm×D567mm×H485mm
MaterialWalnut・Walnut veneer
ColorWalnut Natural
Recommended ForUp to 1 cat
Installation PlaceOnly for indoors (no water leak)
Withstand Load *[restroom top] up to 30 kg
Warranty1 year warranty

※The cat litter box is not included.※This product is for cats only. Do not allow people to sit on the top panel.※This product does not need to be assembled. This product does not need to be assembled and will be delivered complete.※RESTROOM does not accept international shipping. (International shipping is available for CAT TREE/CAT BED/CAT TABLE.)※Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice

List of Supported Products

  • Deotoire Cat Toilet  Half Body Set

  • Deotoire Cat Toilet  Hood Body Set

  • KAO Nyantomo Seiketsu Toilet Open Type

  • KAO Nyantomo Seiketsu Toilet Dome Type

KARIMOKU CAT TABLE White & Walnut Natural

Designed with veterinarian supervision, KARIMOKU CAT TABLE helps your cat eat and drink from a more comfortable position. The Table’s 15-degree incline reduces mealtime strain on your cat’s neck and body.

The food bowl is designed to prevent spillage and stay out of the way of your cat’s whiskers. The bowl’s shape helps food gathers in a convenient position for feline access.

The water bowl, which holds a satisfying volume of 280 mL, has sufficient depth to keep water from splashing out.The table for the cat’s food&Water bowl is made from molded plywood with Walnut veneer surface. The design has no sharp edges, so you won’t have to worry about your active cat getting injured. With excellent stability, it won’t be easily pushed over by your cat and is very durable. With urethane coating like the tables we use, it is waterproof and stain-proof.

Reminiscent of cats’ eyes, the beautiful porcelain bowls are designed by secca, a creative group based in Kanazawa, a hub for food and craft items. Fired from high-grade porcelain clay, the bowls’ crescent-shaped edges allow for easy removal and washing. The bowls are also microwave and dishwasher safe.

Product NameKARIMOKU CAT TABLE White&Walnut Natural
Sale Price26,730 JPY(tax included)
Total Weight1.55kg
Table sizeW449×D194×H136
bowl sizeFood bowl:W153×D118×H58mm(Table only)/H141mm(Size of bowl-mounted)
Water bowl:W153×D118×H88mm(Capacity 280ml)
Packagetable ×1 /Food bowl ×1 /Water bowl ×1
ColorWhite&Walnut Natural
Recommended For1 cat
Installation PlaceOnly for indoors
Separate Parts saleYes
Warranty1 year warranty
International shippingYes

※No assembly is necessary. We will deliver the finished product.
※Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice